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The Value of Obedience!

  In just a few short hours I will have the privilege of being the Best Man at my brothers wedding.  At times I wondered if this day would ever happen. However, as a result of following God’s will my brother is about to marry the beautiful young woman named Rachel Ellis. Scripture says, “Children, […]

Five things I’m thankful for this year!

  This year I have viewed life from a whole new perspective. That perspective being how unworthy I am of all that God does for me.  Many times this year I have actually laughed out loud and said, “ I don’t deserve this”. I want to take a moment and share what it is that […]

My Greatest Memory of My Grandma

Yesterday morning my Grandma went to Heaven. I sat at her bed side on Wednesday night 9 hours before she would go home  I asked my self a simple yet complicated question. How would I be feeling right now if my grandma was not a believer in Christ? As I looked at my 87 years […]

God leaves nothing to chance! By Ruby Roseberry

‎“GOD LEAVES NOTHING TO CHANCE” In the hours leading up to my mom’s passing yesterday the circumstances were so perfectly orchestrated that it could have only been God. 1. God changed the heart of my brother in regards the plan of care for my mom. (Can my God change hearts? YES HE CAN!) 2. When […]

A Godly Example

I remember walking on Pensacola Beach praying for a little boy of my own. I had just spent a week hanging  out with my brother in law and his three kids. I can honestly say if there was ever a good envy I had it that day. My brother in law Ted, like me grew […]