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Reacting to Adversity – Losing Your Job

Reacting to Adversity – Losing Your Job

Often as a pastor, I hear of church members losing their jobs. It is not news that I look forward to hearing. It is a very stressful time for the individual and my heart breaks for them. I sat down with a good friend of mine who just lost his job and he filled me […]

Two Chairs

  Last night Kelly, Shepherd, and I went to Sunrise Hospital to visit my mother in law after a procedure she had. We walked in the surgical waiting room and I saw the first of two very important chairs. Kelly has always been amused by my photographic memory. It shocks her that I can remember […]

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

  The Bible is one of the most widely used resources for financial planning. The book of Proverbs contains many verses on the subject of financial management. However, one of King Solomon’s most well know financial tips is not found in Proverbs, but is found in Ecclesiastes. In Ecclesiastes King Solomon gives specific advice in […]

The Value of Obedience!

  In just a few short hours I will have the privilege of being the Best Man at my brothers wedding.  At times I wondered if this day would ever happen. However, as a result of following God’s will my brother is about to marry the beautiful young woman named Rachel Ellis. Scripture says, “Children, […]

Five things I’m thankful for this year!

  This year I have viewed life from a whole new perspective. That perspective being how unworthy I am of all that God does for me.  Many times this year I have actually laughed out loud and said, “ I don’t deserve this”. I want to take a moment and share what it is that […]