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Five things I’m thankful for this year!


This year I have viewed life from a whole new perspective. That perspective being how unworthy I am of all that God does for me.  Many times this year I have actually laughed out loud and said, “ I don’t deserve this”. I want to take a moment and share what it is that God has blessed me with.

My Savior

As I have strived to serve God this year, I realize how unworthy I am. So many times I have fallen short and messed things up. I am thankful for the unconditional love that God gives.

 My wife, Kelly

The Bible says, Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing and obtaineth favour of the Lord.  Besides God’s love, the only reason that anything good happens to me is Kelly. Her stab

ility, love, and intelligence keep from making many foolish mistakes.

 My son, Shepherd

What a life changing experience this year has been. There have been many diaper changes and others things associated with parenting that require selflessness, but every single second is worth it. Shepherd is non-stop fun. I love his laughs and how he adores his mother.  I  get just a small glimpse unconditional love means.

 My Family

What a great support system Kelly and I have. Whether it is Nancy comforting my grandmother during her last days, or my little brother  coming over to play with his nephew, I am blessed to have such a great family.

 My Church

The spiritual growth of the members of SHBC has given me an extra boost of energy this year. The dozens of people getting saved and baptized has been amazing. The leaders who are stretching themselves to serve others brings a smile to my face. The willingness of everybody to help out with anything amazes me.

I hope each of you enjoy your Thanksgiving and don’t forget to be Thankful. We all are truly blessed.


  1. Pastor Fred, Stacy and I are so thankful to have your family in our lives. You guys have opened our eyes to a lot of things esp how important family is. We have enjoyed watching and being their as you and Kelly have added to your family and can’t wait for many more beautiful addtions. Thank you for your biblical advice and friendship. We love you guys. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. I’m happy that God gave you both each other and Shepard. I enjoy every moment of being a daddy and husband. Glad to have God and SHBC, without it we would have no foundation. :)


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