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I sat is church last night listening to our people talk about what they are thankful for. I heard many different answers from the crowd such as their family, their savior, and their PS4. Growing up in a Christian home was a real blessing because I had great parents who constantly pointed out what God did for our family. Even when they did not point out everything I could see what God was doing on my own at times. As I look back over the past few years I can honestly say I am Thankful for:

My God

Over the past few years since Shepherd has been born I have come to understand a father’s love for his son. It still boggles my mind that God could send his own Son to die for me. When I sit back and think how much God loves me, I sometimes tear up. I am someone who has in no way earned His love. I can think of about 6 billion other people who would earn it before me if it were based on works.

My Wife

Some peoples goal in life is to win the big jackpot on the MegaBucks slot machine, or to win the lottery. I consider myself a bigger winner than all the lottery and jackpot winners combined. Kelly is the most amazing, caring, beautiful, and intelligent women I have ever met.

My Boys

“Having a son is the best.” That is what I told Matt Teis after Luke was born. Shepherd is my wresting buddy. He is the only one who I can give head buts to as a greeting. His smile is the best and his love for football brings tears to my eyes. In Three weeks my second little guy will be here. Liam will be a lot of fun as well and I am sure he will cause my heart to love even more.

My Parents

I am blessed to have great parents and even great in-laws.  I am thankful for how both sets of parents raised me and Kelly. The principles of honesty, hard work, and caring for others are biblical truths I will always be thankful for. Not to mention their counsel and help in times of need.

My Pastor

Not too many guys get to work with their childhood friend. Josh has been a great role model for me over the past 27 years. His love for God and desire to please Him with his life is a great encouragement to me. I have never seen a man who is more driven by the phrase ” Well done, thou good and faithful servant”. He may not be perfect, but the man loves God, and I love him for that.

My Church

My Pastor is great, my co-workers are awesome, but the people of Southern Hills Baptist Church are incredible. A vast majority of our visitors come because they are invited by their friends. I have heard people say that they have been to churches where they felt they could not invite their friends. What a sad commentary. The people of SHBC are what makes this a great place to be! Southern Hills is a place that has taken care of me and my family in so many ways. However, I love the fact that in many different ways I get to help people as well. My help may not always be perfect, but it sure fun trying.


  1. Pastor Fred;
    What a heartfelt encouraging message. You are truly a very godly man who will influence many young people who will cross your path. God has blessed Southern Hills Baptist Church by your dedicated work for the Lord. He has also blessed me by allowing me to learn from you.


  2. I could just about ditto all your comments in regards to my own life (except Pastor Teis was not my childhood friend LOL), however I am thankful for God, my hubby, my children, parents, extended family, friends, ALL of my pastors, and SHBC. As I read this blog today it reminded me that I appreciate your soft heart towards the things of God and I need to have an attitude of thankfulness on a regular, daily basis! Thank you for blogging and for serving!


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